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The Hungover Gourmet Print Edition Returns!

Despite what I wrote atop THG #11 (still available in our store), that installment can no longer be called our "Final Issue".

As it turns out, I missed writing about food, I missed publishing, and technologcal advancements like short-run printing – not to mention promotion and collaboration via social media – have made it much easier and more viable to do such publications.

And so, THG return... sometime.

Want to get in on the action? Check out our Return of THG page for information on contributions and I hope we'll see you in our pages!

And if you'd like to hear more about The Hungover Gourmet, our upcoming return to print and even some beer "reviews", check out Episode 5 of Cinesludge: The Mangled Media Podcast which I co-host with David Zuzelo. We usually just chat about trashy movies and men's action novels but on this epsidoe (around the 20:00 mark) we delve into some THG-centric chatter.

THG Back Issues
Check out our Store for details on ordering back issues including #11 – our no longer final print issue – as well as the almost sold out print runs of The Snack Issue (#6) and our Places That Are Gone (#8) issue.
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