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Cookouts Begin with Burgers and Franks

Cookout food has gone way more upscale over the years. Seems like you can't turnaround without another barbecue book or grilling guide hitting the shelves, all offering up mango chutney relishes to top your franks and chipotle ketchups for finishing off your burgers.

While I love experimenting and trying the latest recipe ideas, there's something comforting about a good ol' fashioned no-frills cookout. 'Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cooking' (1961) is one of my all-time favorite reference books for when I'm looking to give things a retro twist on the grill.

For instance, the age old question when you go to any backyard cookout is: Burgers or Franks? Do you have a burger AND a frank? What if you're like me and can easily pound two burgers and two franks? Does that make you look like a pig?

Count on Betty to come to the rescue with her "Burger Dogs"!

1 lb. ground beef
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
8 frankfurters, split lengthwise
1 can (8 oz.) tomato sauce
1 med. onion, chopped fine
2 tbsp. water
8 frankfurter buns
Brown beef in vegetable oil in heavy skillet over hot coals. Add frankfurters, tomato sauce, onion, and water. Cook about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, heat buns wrapped in foil. Serve hot mixture on heated buns. Serves 8.

Not in the mood for a big ol' burger AND frank concoction? Want something with a little bit of an island flair? (And when I say "a little bit" I mean "a little bit.") Try out some "Frank-A-Bobs"...

Pineapple Chunks
Vegetable Oil
Frankfurter Rolls

Cut each frank into 5 pieces. Alternate on skewer with pineapple chunks; brush with vegetable oil. Broil over hot coals, turning until browned. Serve on toasted frankfurter rolls with mustard or barbecue sauce.



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