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It's hard to believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Could somebody tell me exactly where the last year went?

Seems like I was just in Cabo San Lucas, soaking up the rays, becoming immune to the pathetic sales pitches of the native children, watching in horror as my girlfriend snapped pics of dwarves on vacation. Heck, I guess little people need to get away from it all, too!

The Cabo trip was an eye-opener, bringing us up close and personal with the many moods and worlds that co-exist side by side in that hot, but beautiful, part of the world. Trust me, you'll be able to read all about it in THG #6, coming to mailboxes and newsstands near you this fall.

The year since that trip has been filled with big personal and professional moves, national tragedies, the invention of the featherless chicken and reports that movie popcorn is bad for you. Another fringe celebrity is on trial for murder and I've got a new grill.

Seems like what comes around goes around.

With the long holiday weekend coming up fast, we thought it'd be a good time to offer up some recipes for backyard fun culled from our ever-growing vintage cookbook collection. Funny how something that starts out as a mild interest can grow into a full-blown obsession in little or no time.

Since it has been a while since we posted recipes, we are offering up not one but two menus for your food freak pleasure. The Stars & Stripes Menu revels in traditional BBQ dishes like beans, burgers and Barbecued Bologna Roll while our Beachcombers' Menu offers up some seafood selections and tasty drinks for poolside or deckside fun.

And trust me, the simple act of choosing the Beachcombers' Menu does not mean that the terrorists have won.

Enjoy and have a Happy Fourth!

Stars & Stripes Barbecue Menu | Beachcombers' Seafood Menu

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