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In our first printed issue -- and in various Usenet newsgroups -- we asked readers to look back through their cinematic memory banks and consider the following question: "What film(s) had the best cinematic food moments?" And, though they may be fine films, we weren't interested in things like THE COOK, THE THIEF, etc. or BIG NIGHT.

We'd already been tossing the question around the palatial ER/THG editorial penthouse, and the staff had come up with some typically peculiar responses.

Danté suggested that the classic sexploitationer BLOODSUCKING FREAKS (pictured at left) featured not just a bevy of nude women, but a bevy of great food scenes, too. "Forget about it! BSF has it all! Obviously, there's the classic end shot where the Crazed Sexoids have made a hoagie out of a certain part of the male anatomy. But what about the scene where Sardu (Seamus O'Brien) eats dinner off the back of a naked woman on all fours?! Joel Reed always knew how to take a scene to a new low."

Ken Shabby even chimed in with such examples as the "dancing hamburgers" sequence from Savage Steve Holland's underrated teen comedy BETTER OFF DEAD and the incredible Japanese restaurant scene from the Larry Cohen-scripted Mickey Spillane adaptation, I, THE JURY.

It became obvious that we'd never get close to a concensus among the staff, so we opened the voting up to readers, web friends, and anyone interested in the topic. As you'll see from the following, responses ranged from familiar and unexpected to forgotten and obscure. Thanks to everyone that wrote, e-mailed, and called with responses! (Please note that some responses have been edited for length.)

Check out our first batch of responses from our readers...

[This article originally appeared in THG #2]

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