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57571 Highway 12, Hatteras, NC

Our original, non-hurricane visit to North Carolina's Outer Banks was an unqualified success. Which explains why we went back for our honeymoon. Which lasted 36 hours before ending in evacuation at the hands of a hurricane called Isabel.

Ah well, more on that some other day. We picked Channel Bass from the menu book provided in our motel room; of all the restaurants this one looked most like the one run by Chris's family for years.

As we walked through the doors I thought she was headed to the kitchen to get ready for her shift! Dinner was satisfying, down home seafood done right. Flounder Stuffed with Crab Imperial met with her approval while I went with a tasty bowl of Seafood Bisque (filled with chunks of crab and hunks of shrimp) and the Fried Combo Platter washed down by a frigid Bass or two. Beer that is.

Great food, great service, homey atmosphere.

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