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We don't drink as much as we used to. It was a decision brought on by health concerns (we were getting a bit portly and out of shape), personal issues, and the financial drain that comes from twice-weekly barhops around Bucks County. Luckily, THG readers appear to be fiscally irresponsible rascals without a care in the world! How else do you explain the steady stream of nominations we receive for inclusion on this list?

Want to nominate your own fave watering hole or holes? Fill out our handy contact form and let us know!

On with the reader suggestions...

Here are three possible candidates for "bar bar" establishments in Philadelphia. Check them out when you are down the city.

1. Dirty Frank's – a legendary bar at 13th & Pine in Center City just south of the Gayborhood. No sign outside, it looks like an abandoned building. Ratty interior that serves all types.

2. Anthony's Olde City Tavern – between 2nd and 3rd on Market. Decent drink prices, unpretentious bartenders, kitchen open until 1:30 AM. People from all walks of life patronize-- rich, poor, Black, white, gay, straight, young, old, men, women.

3. Passyunk Tavern – hole-in-wall on 1800 block of East Passyunk Avenue in heart of Italian South Philly. No sign again, next to flower shop on corner. Drinks half the price of Center City bars, with cheap sandwiches after four and dinner after six. Highly recommend the seafood pasta with marinara (on the menu as "Macaroni with mussels in red sauce"). Video poker machine available to play. Attractive woman bartender/owner, jukebox heavy on Frank, Dino, and Sammy plus early Seventies soul music. Caters to people who look like extras from "The Sopranos".

I've seen the list and I think that you'd love the Village Pub in Tabernacle, NJ or perhaps Dadz Bar and Grille in Mt. Holly, NJ. Cool list though, I've been to four of the six. Actually, Ott's Greentop on Rt. 73 in Voorhees, NJ is one of those places I can still have a a low-rent high school reunion. :) – Franny

I would like to submit an entire town for your consideration. It happens to be the town that I live in but that is strictly a coincidence. It boasts the smallest bar in Los Angeles County, which has a sign on the door that says "Open but don't expect too much." You cannot get a weak drink in this town. If a local bar or restaurant served a weak drink we would all go someplace else. When we go to bars in other towns we have to order doubles. I could go on but I don't want to bore you. – Julie

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