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Contribute to The Return of The Hungover Gourmet: Issue #12

You knew this was going to happen at some point.

Despite what it said atop our last previous issue we're currently accepting submissions for issue #12: The Return of The Hungover Gourmet. Put your thinking caps on and contribute to THE HUNGOVER GOURMET: THE JOURNAL OF FOOD, DRINK, TRAVEL AND FUN!

Though the issue is filling up here are some things we're looking for:

  • capsule restaurant reviews for our 'For Those Who Are Fussy About Their Food' section (250-300 words max with 0-5 star rating);
  • snack, beverage, fast food, frozen food reviews (250-300 words max);
  • articles in the 1200-2500 word range (anything from cooking techniques and explorations of new gadgets to travel roundups, winery visits, food taste tests, etc.);
  • recipes;
  • photo essays;
  • food/drink/travel-related zine, book, tv, movie reviews.
Deadline for submissions is somewhat fluid at this point. So get out there and eat fun and interesting food, fire up the grill and share it all with the world. Or, at least, our small but enthusiastic readership.

All contributors receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

If you have any other questions, comments, ideas that you want to run by me, etc., please don't hesitate to e-mail or write (PO Box 5531, Lutherville, MD 21094-5531) or visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thanks in advance for your support and contributions!

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