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As you might guess from the cover the issue features a celebration of America's favorite legal drug, coffee! Our contributors celebrate – and trash, in some cases – the morning cup of joe that helps open our eyes and make us productive, or at least functioning members of society. Check out contributions from THG regulars like WP Tandy, Aj Michel, Davida Gypsy Brier, Tom Crites and John Taylor as well as Deborah Stultz, Dara Bujon, Catherine Harris and many more.

But it's not all coffee enemas and Dunkin' Donuts in these pages... Bryan Senn weighs in with thoughts from The Beer Snob while THG's editor-in-chief looks at Budweiser Chelada and prematurely talks about killing off the print edition of the zine.

But wait – in the words of the late, great Billy Mays – there's more! THG #11 ends not with a whimper but a resounding BANG! as the one and only Louis Fowler takes the Big Lots Challenge and finds out if one man really can survive on nothing but Rap Snacks, Guava Nectar and Toddler Cuisine... it's a fitting coda to the issue and guaranteed to give you heartburn! (DISCLAIMER: Heartburn not guaranteed.) 44 pages. $5.00 ppd (US)

UTNE Reader Independent Press Award Nominated Issue! 32-pages, digest size featuring: our report from the trenches at the 2006 Crabcake Eating Championship; Long Beach Pork Rind Report; White Castle; In-N-Out; LA Fast Food Story; restaurant reviews; multi-tiered burgers; and more. $5.00 ppd (US)

Baltimore City Paper 'Best of 2006' award-winning issue. 32-pages, digest size featuring: a blow by blow and sandwich by sandwich report from The Philly Cheesesteak Tour; Trader Vic and his Bowl of Rum; restaurant reviews; Vincent Price; Mr. & Mrs. Sleazoid remember Filthy 14th Street; the history of rum; sordid tales of the restaurant industry; and more. $5.00 ppd (US)


Spring/Summer 2004 edition. 32-pages, digest size featuring: a look at Philadelphia's recently-demolished Vet Stadium and a review of the new Citizens Bank Park; memories of places that are gone; a guide to martinis; the ultimate hiccup cure; restaurant reviews from around the corner and across the globe; the Ocean City (NJ) boardwalk; travel tales and more. $5.00 ppd (US)

36-pages, digest size featuring: Ollie's Last Call – the people and places of Oliver Reed's final days; Eating Out the Deuce – a look at the Times Square eateries of yesteryear; Jersey Diner Nights – a report from the trenches from a South Jersey native; plus, zine reviews, Bars We Love, licorice, DVD reviews, restaurant reviews and much, much more. $5.00 ppd (US)


48-pages, magazine size featuring: Travel Tales of Cabo San Lucas, How to Grill a Turkey, More Bars We Love, Confessions of a Woman Who Doesn't Cook, and a special section on The Wild World of Snacks. Plus movie, CD and zine reviews. $5.00 ppd (US)

Shocking Tales of PA Dutch Country! More Origins of THG, Low Hug editor Anita Michel looks at Bars We Love, Betty Maple of Yard Art dishes out some salsa history and recipes, and we hear about the oldest things in our readers' fridges. Plus, movie, tv, CD and zine reviews. $5.00 ppd (US)

It's a Burgh Thing as we look at our three years spent in Pittsburgh. As Seen on TV examines the wacky world of late night infomercials, Betty Maple dials up a tasty history of potato chips. Plus, still more Origins of THG. $5.00 ppd (US)

The Chili Extravaganza! Recipes, reviews, food sickness alerts and more. Plus, The Thriftin' Gourmet and still more Origins of THG. $5.00 ppd (US)

Armed Forces Cooking, Crock Pot Secrets, results of our Reel Food poll, and more Origins of THG. $5.00 ppd (US)

The debut issue of the zine that won't die! Includes the very first look at The Origins of THG, Travel Tales in Niagara Falls, and our Mini Guide to Grilling. $5.00 ppd (US)

Each and every action-packed issue of THE HUNGOVER GOURMET in one handy envelope! You get all eleven issues covering everything from our photocopied debut to the super sized 44-page farewell issue. Issues 6 and 8 are in limited quantity and this collection will only be available as long as copies of those issues remain in print! $50.00 ppd (US)

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